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Early stage assessments
Company launch package
Early stage assessments

Most early-stage startups cannot yet afford to staff an entire accounting department, and often the founders themselves end up tackling accounting and finance without any oversight or safety net. Unfortunately, small mistakes here can compound quickly and pose a real threat to obtaining funding and ensuring solvency later on. Designed with the lean entrepreneur in mind, our early stage assessment is designed to help solidify what you already started building. This includes:

Bottom-up review and improvement of your current accounting and finance practices

A financial toolkit to address existing and potential pain points

Business plan evaluation to ensure a financial future that matches your vision

Periodic follow-up to promote adherence to the plan and agility in the face of new obstacles

Company launch package

We partner with you and your founders, before or very close to your first day in business, to establish your accounting, finance and HR practices from the ground up. With our help, you can sidestep some of the early mistakes keeping founders up at night by addressing these core competencies:

Accounting process and procedure

Financial & management reporting

Payroll & taxes

Banking and cash flow

HR and operations needs


For many entrepreneurs, the process of raising capital can be one the most stress-inducing part of doing business. Preparing adequately to pitch to investors, all while managing a firm as it approaches the end of its cash runway, can be a hellish experience. This is why we want to partner with you and add support and guidance to your efforts.

Financial forecasting development and review

Review of content and design in your investor deck

Review of pitch presentation and execution

Business strategy consultation

With the wealth of experience our team holds, the options above are not all inclusive of our available services. If you have a specific project or need in mind, we are happy to have a discussion with you to see if Company Launch Partners can be a great partner for your company.

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