This data-driven platform, designed to help companies maximize the quality of their current and future workforce, spun off from its parent organization in 2018 to launch a focused, independently-run venture. With a fully-functioning product already in hand, the founders needed an immediate, sustainable plan for supporting the original technology and numerous employees they now managed. Company Launch Partners was brought in straight away as a financial partner, equipped to not only build the corporation’s accounting processes from scratch, but also to become a permanent member of the ever-growing team.


Without delay, CLP experts got to work setting up a payroll system and processing each employee individually. Though the prototypical issues with cash flow that plague many startups’ early days presented themselves, our experts worked closely with company leaders – often juggling a myriad of different expenses – to ensure that payroll went smoothly from day one of operations. Our team then custom designed an accounting system focused on maximizing profit, as well as established a baseline for internal controls and procedures to support future growth. An accounts-payable system was also set up through, allowing us to reconcile the firm’s financials each month and provide updated, timely reports to the executive team.

Additionally, Company Launch Partners plays a key role in this company’s billing and collections process, staying closely involved in not only transactional operations but day-to-day cash management practices as well. Our team ensures that incoming cash is never delayed, invoicing customers and handling all other obstacles that may present themselves in the process. With the untimely arrival of COVID-19, our experts were instrumental in the filing of a PPP loan application with the SBA, ensuring employees were taken care of even during this time of severe instability.


For our team of experts, success does not always equate to a one-time, quick-fix solution. CLP’s strength lies in our staying power, namely our ability to form long-lasting partnerships that seamlessly weave our financial practices and professionals into your corporation’s daily customs – the kind of partnership we built here.