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Growth & back office support

As a startup grows, founders often make critical hires but continue to do finance, accounting, and HR themselves. At Company Launch Partners, we offer a range of options customized to meet your business needs so you can focus on growing your company rather than your back office operations. These options include, but are not limited to:

Accounting process and procedure

Financial & management reporting

Payroll & taxes

Banking & cash flow

HR & operations needs

Accounting software optimization

We frequently have clients request our help with optimizing their accounting software and practices, sometimes following a departure of a bookkeeper, or a realization from a founder than their time is better spent working on growing the business rather than focusing on debits and credits. We offer solutions ranging from a quick overview of your current software to the following:

Eliminating redundant accounts

Cleaning up previous accounting records, including incorrect journal entries and uncleared transactions

Developing written processes and procedures

Banking & cash flow assisting with the hiring of internal back office staff for your company

Providing both staff accountants and C-level experience depending on needs

Budgeting & forecasting

With our templates, we can provide customized budgets and forecasts to fully support your ongoing needs.

Consulting projects

We are available for a variety of ongoing financial consulting engagements, including but not limited to:

Strategy and business model

Process improvements

Cost control

Other financial needs

Other projects and services

With the wealth of experience our team holds, the options above are not all inclusive of our available services. If you have a specific project or need in mind, we are happy to have a discussion with you to see if Company Launch Partners can be a great partner for your company.

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