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Boston, despite being one the oldest cities in the nation, is the center for dynamism -- continually at the cutting edge of technology and business. This is owed in large part to its abundance of prestigious universities and groundbreaking technology firms, both of which have attracted great minds from far and wide to join a community defined by its ambition toward human advancement. We see our place in this community through the lens of partnership, committing ourselves to the empowerment of the ideas that start here and the entrepreneurs behind them, and to the pursuit of the knowledge by which they can achieve success anywhere from their community to the global stage.



Providence, once a hub of industry on the east coast, is in the midst of a rebirth of sorts. State and local governments have committed themselves to stimulate the growth of new jobs and new industries for the whole of Rhode Island, beginning a movement with Providence as its epicenter. The city has become a home for innovators, bolstered by the emergence of university-backed accelerator programs as well as a widening array of funding sources and growing interest from investors. Our goal is to be a key player in this movement, connecting firms with these new resources, allowing them to take advantage of the great opportunities they present, and helping make their city the next great powerhouse in American business.